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Fat Camp Can Lead to Increased Risks of Suicide

A lot of parents with overweight or obese children often think that a fat camp would do wonders for their child. They think that it’s their last option to get their child to lose weight. Unfortunately even though fat camps can be effective in making the child lose weight, the extra s tress of being in the program may also lead to your child attempting to kill themselves.

A lot of people don’t consider suicide a threat when it comes to their loved ones. They think it’s rare, and that it’ll never happen to someone they know. In reality suicide is quite a large problem in United States. There are over 1,100,000 people attempting suicide every year in United States, with more than 132,000 attempts done by children aged 15-24. On top of that there are over 17,000 attempts made by children aged 10-14. To put those numbers in terms easier to comprehend, that’s the population of about 12 colleges and 15 middle schools, trying to kill themselves every year.

Overweight children tend to be a higher risk group when it comes to suicide attempts. Overweight children have low self esteem issues, they get bullied by kids at school (and get made fun of for being overweight), and they tend to suffer from depression due in part to their social isolation(i.e. being picked last in gym, having few friends). All of these place them into a high risk category for suicide. So placing someone like that(who may already be suicidal) into a fat camp is a recipe for disaster and will increase the risk of suicide.

First let’s clarify something, there are weight camps and then there are fat camps/boot camps. The former will try to aim to lower your child’s weight through exercise and positive reinforcement, the latter will try to lower your child’s weight through exercise and negative reinforcement(put downs and verbal abuse). Both will make your child lose weight during the program, but one of them can do it without driving your child to the brink of suicide.

So if you are planning on placing your overweight child into a fat camp, find out whether or not they are suicidal. To do so, you need to learn all the potential suicide warning signs, so that you can identify whether or not your child is displaying signs that they are planning to kill themselves.

Get Back Your Shape Through Boot Camp Training

The idea is to push your body beyond its powers of endurance and force you into doing some work out at high intensity. Participants are trained by a stern instructor that acts like a drill sergeant, shouting orders and pushing participants to do more. This type of training may be seemingly harsh, but it is highly rewarding and that is the reason why it has gained huge popularity in recent times.

A fitness boot camp is usually held outdoors – open-air grounds, parks or beaches – and the workouts seldom entail use of equipment, expect perhaps hand weights. The standard duration of fitness camp training is four to six weeks where you are pushed into workouts that are demanding and successively more strenuous.

Discipline is rigidly enforced and you are not allowed to complain or allowed respite and whining is something that is severely dealt with. But all these rigors are worth it as people report amazing weight loss and fitness gains at the end of the training session.

Since the physical workouts in a boot camp are rather intense, you should necessarily obtain clearance from your doctor before enrolling. Knowing beforehand that you are in robust health and can handle the boot camp is of paramount importance. In fact, many camp organizers may not admit you in the absence of a medical certificate.

Before commencing boot camp exercise, always eat something nutritious and consume plenty of liquids – preferably water. You should drink as much water as you can in the hours before camp so that you are properly hydrated. Remember that dehydration can adversely affect your health during a boot camp. You will also be allowed to drink water in between exercises and you should seize on these opportunities as well.

During the boot camp you will be required to push your body to its limits, but it is safer for you to know what your limits are. There is a difference between pain you feel in a working muscle and other types of pain. Your muscles may burn, which is fine, but sharp pains or pain in joints mean you need to back off. Your instructor will certainly know when you need to modify moves and when you need to stop.

More and more people prefer fitness camps to exercising at home as losing weight and gaining physical fitness is a daunting task and you can achieve results only if guided and supervised by qualified trainers. Today, there are boot camps for everyone, from soldiers-in-training to obese teens to overweight adults. Fitness camps typically implement a workout program based on the calisthenic exercises used in military boot camps – such as squat thrusts, push ups and jumping jacks.

Boot camp workouts are efficient because you work your entire body– heart and muscles–by going from one exercise to another with no rest. Fitness boot camp provide a power-packed workout within a short span of an hour or two. The session commences with a simple warm-up exercise like squatting or sit-ups or walking on the treadmill. The exercises become more and more tough and demanding as the session progresses.

Mostly, retired army or navy personnel run fitness camps. The instructor is often harsh, shouting at his trainees and reprimanding them for their lapses. At the end of the day, it is the instructor’s mission to provide you the maximum workout possible and you know his good intentions and therefore not complain.

However, to get back to good physical shape and achieve physical fitness, you have to select a reputed and reliable boot camp. For instance you can contact Camp Technique that conducts 8 Week Boot Camp that involves ninety minutes of rigorous workout to get your butt into shape, heart pumping exercise to stretch your powers of endurance. Their clients include many celebrities, athletes and other public figures from all over the world.